Spare Parts

The Spares Divisions of the Wolseley Car Club began soon after the formation of the club, with the donation of spares cars which were subsequently broken down for parts. Both the Christchurch Branch and the North Island Branch at Manawatu have established storage facilities for their parts.

Note that spares sales are to members only, however, it is inexpensive to join ($10 for the first year) and to remain a member ($40 annually). 

Ashurst Inn Manawatu l Fitness W Cleal R Baxter hard at work

Ashurst Inn Manawatu l Fitness W Cleal R Baxter hard at work

Ashurst Inn Manawatu l Fitness W Cleal R Baxter hard at work

Ashurst Inn Manawatu l Fitness W Cleal R Baxter hard at work

North Island Branch at Manawatu 

The Manawatu Branch has amassed a good collection of second-hand spares which are now stored in a rented shed in Pohangina, Palmerston North. North Island enquiries should be addressed to the Manawatu parts shed first or will be referred to Christchurch for anything unable to be supplied.


Ivan McCutcheon 06 3746326


Lance Fitness 027 955 4041


Steve Finch 06 329 4009

Spares Dept Idlewood Chch 5

Spares Dept Idlewood Chch

Spares Dept Idlewood Chch 5

Spares Dept Idlewood Chch

Christchurch Branch

Attention is paid to ensuring there are always supplies of fast-moving stock available – particularly items typically required when servicing or carrying out general maintenance on Wolseley’s. Post-1950 models are particularly well catered for, with good supplies of both new and second-hand parts always in stock. If parts are not available for some reason, alternative sources (sometimes from other club members) can usually be suggested.

Spare parts orders sourced from the Christchurch site are usually filled once a week on a Saturday and dispatched by post or courier the following Monday. Urgent orders can sometimes be dealt with if there are special circumstances.

The following parts can be supplied from Christchurch Branch.

New Parts:

  • Engine Parts – Engine gaskets (head and bottom-end sets and a number of individual gaskets), pistons, valves, valve guides, bearings, seals, timing chains, etc for most models 1930s onwards.
  • Suspension and Steering Parts:
  • All suspension bushes, bearings, buffers, pins, king-pin sets, wheel bearings and seals, and new or reconditioned steering ball joints and rods, shock absorbers.
  • Clutch Parts – Release bearings, pressure plates, driven plates, slave cylinders, master cylinders, and hydraulic hoses.
  • Gearbox Parts – Bearings and seals, new and reconditioned shafts and bushes, gaskets, plus good used gears, selectors etc.
  • Electrical Parts – Lenses, switches, instruments
  • Brake Parts – Reconditioned (stainless sleeved) wheel cylinders and master cylinders, brake shoes and pads, hydraulic hoses, brake cables.
  • Maintenance Parts – Oil and air filters, ignition points, distributor caps
  • Cooling and Heating Parts – Water pumps, radiator hoses and many moulded heater hoses, heater taps (new and overhaul kits), thermostats, core (frost) plugs in brass. Good selection of good second-hand radiators.
  • Windscreens – New one-piece rubber seals for most post-1950 models, Second-hand screens for most models (front and rear).

Second-hand parts:

  • Engines and engine parts (crankshafts, camshafts, heads etc.), gearboxes and transmissions, diffs, body panels and glass (windscreens and door glass), chrome trim, some bumpers, electrical parts (lights, starters, generators, switches, instruments etc.), carburettors, dashboards and woodwork, brake drums, springs, steering boxes, hubs.

Make all enquiries by email to  or Spares Coordinator, Jonathan Gaut
027 235 9566

Spares account number is 03-1593-0008589-000  


Parts for sale

Four used tyres


These tyres are off our 14/56 and are cross plies. They are Firestone Deluxe Champion 6 ply rating. Their size is 550-600 16.

I was told last week at my tyre shop they would pass a warrant, although they do have some small fine cracks.

There are also 4 very good tubes to go with them. I have changed over to radials.

Note the 16inch size, they are very expensive to buy new.

I am open to offers, but they must be picked up.


Winton Cleal


Last Updated March, 2022