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Colleen Litchfield National President Wolseley Car Club NZ

Colleen Litchfield National President Wolseley Car Club NZ

Welcome Members and Visitors to the NZ Wolseley Car Club NZ Inc Website.

With over 160 members listed on the club’s database, the NZ Wolseley Car Club NZ Inc offers something for everyone. We are excited that you have found our website and invite you to enjoy what we have on offer, and you do not need to own a Wolseley vehicle to become a member. Our members share an appreciation for the individuality of Wolseley cars and comradery that comes with connecting to others with the same interests.

The NZ Wolseley Car Club NZ has four branches throughout New Zealand (Northern , Southern, Christchurch, Nelson/Malborough) and run a variety of events throughout the year to cater for all levels of interest. Each has a committee and hold monthly meetings. Every second year we hold our Wolseley National Rally which is well attended from Wolseley enthusiasts from New Zealand and overseas. Check out our upcoming events under the News tab to view events in your area or to obtain the National Rally details.

We are proud of our website and how it promotes our club, displays what we have to offer, what is happening, what is coming up and how to contact us. Browse through the pages and you will find contributions from members on their cars history, rallies and outings, images, memorabilia, spare parts on offer or just generally something that someone wants to share. We continue to look to club members to contribute to the site in some way and welcome their input. 

A monthly newsletter is provided via email to all members and past issues can be found on our site, it contains interesting reading and updates for all to enjoy.

We are also looking into the future, seeking to create interest from a younger generation who will be the members to come, continuing to preserve this valuable aspect of motoring history.

Becoming a member is easy just choose your region on the map under the ABOUT TAB – https://www.wolseleycarclub.co.nz/membership/  and a membership form will download for you to fill in and send to the email address of the contact of your club area.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our next events.

Colleen Litchfield

National President

Wolseley Car Club NZ 

Colleen Litchfield National President Wolseley Car Club NZ

Colleen Litchfield National President Wolseley Car Club NZ

Site Directory

Home Welcome to the website of a group of people who are passionate about Wolseley cars. Some of us own one, some own several, some even own many. Between us all we have lots of experience and technical knowledge which we love to share with members, or people interested in these cars, whether they own one themselves or not.

About offers you some of the history of the New Zealand Club and the facilities we manage. It is where you can learn about the benefits of being a member. It is where the Membership form is located and information about being an Incorporated Society.

History has information about the beginning and ongoing development of the Wolseley marque from its initial manufacture in the very late 1800s through to the 1980s when actual production ceased.

Wolseley Word is the Club’s newsletter which has information, stories and messages from our team and our members. Copies can be downloaded as PDFs.

The Gallery is working on listing photos of Wolseley’s. Check out the variety of models, shapes, sizes and colour schemes.

Workshop covers technical information, and restoration stories and experiences of members.

For Sale is where you will find vehicles that members and the club have listed as being for sale.

Spare Parts gives an indication of the various parts available for sale and the contact details for our Spare Parts teams.

Regalia covers items for sale through our Club.

Links show you other related websites that our members have found to be interesting and helpful.

News is where we promote and report on rallies, swap meets, and other functions related to classic, vintage and in particular Wolseley cars happening throughout the country.

Contact lets you choose who to contact depending on where you live or why you want more information.

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Get in Touch

Take a look throughout our website, and keep up to date with our cars, meetups and events throughout New Zealand.

Last Updated June, 2022