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This Wolseley Forum site is the largest online Wolseley community forum in the world with over 3,000 members – Wolseley Forum is a good place to have conversations with other owners about anything relating to the Wolseley marque. It is easy to join and to use.  So if you have been unable to source information or assistance here in New Zealand with an issue, maybe someone on this site could help by sharing their experience.

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Wolseley Owners Club


This British Club was launched in 2011, by a group of Wolseley owners and enthusiasts, to serve the growing needs of the Wolseley car owner and enthusiast. The Wolseley Owners Club is open to anybody who has an interest in these great British classic cars, there is no need to own a Wolseley. Their objectives are to raise awareness of Wolseley’s and help to preserve the Wolseley marque, along with other Wolseley clubs and associations. The Wolseley Owners Club’s emphasis is firmly on its members. The Club caters for all models of Wolseley’s from the first Wolseley of 1896 to the very last Wolseley, designed by their Club Patron, Harris Mann, of 1975.

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Wolseley Register


The Wolseley Owners Club maintains a ‘Survivors Register’, of all surviving Wolseleys known to the Club. If you think your vehicle may have come from overseas, have a look here. You may be able to find some of its history.

Wolseley Register was set up to cater for all models of Wolseley cars. The Register is a British based car club, run by enthusiasts providing opportunities for all Wolseley enthusiasts to meet socially, obtain technical assistance and to enjoy their hobby, thus helping to ensure the preservation of the great Wolseley marque.

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Wolseley Car Club of Australia


The Wolseley Car Club of Australia (WCC) is an Incorporated Society of members that is active with some form of involvement or ownership of a vehicle or stationary engine that holds the Wolseley marque. In addition, they have many club members with other vehicles from the wider British Motor Corporation (BMC) family including Austin, Morris and Riley.  The WCC has membership from all states of Australia and has close relations with Wolseley clubs in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

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Basis Car Classic Vehicle Parts


BASiS is the business of Anthony and Robyn van de Water who have had a lifetime interest in cars, especially classic and vintage cars and owned and restored their own projects.

This is a mail order business and retail outlet for the supply of parts and information with Pre-1970 English Vehicles their speciality, though they also supply parts for vintage, American, European, Australian and Japanese vehicle parts.  

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New Zealand Federation of Motoring Clubs Inc


The FOMC was founded in 1994 as a group of motoring enthusiasts interested in the preservation of their vehicles and the right to use them on public roads without undue restriction by regulatory authorities.

“NZ Wolseley Club is a proud member of the NZ Federation of Motoring Clubs”

The Wheel Torque newsletter can be found here

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