Members Benefits

Here is what we can offer Wolseley Car enthusiasts

The principal aim of the Club is to encourage the interest, use and preservation of Wolseley vehicles. So if you are interested in this marque then becoming a member of the NZ Wolseley Club will bring you in contact with likeminded people, many of whom have significant knowledge and experience they are very willing to share.


Our membership newsletter “The Wolseley Word’, is published nationally and distributed by email or as a printed copy where members don’t have an email address. The newsletter contains a list of coming activities for each branch, reports on events held, plus technical articles, such as a road test or information on repairs and maintenance. A Buy and Sell column is always included, which is offered as a free service to members.

News and Events

We run car rallies, swap meets, show and shine events, and other social events, specific to the Wolseley brand. We have our own Facebook page which is a great source for personal discussion and information sharing from afar.

Library Of Manuals, Technical Information, and Tools

We have an extensive library containing workshop manuals, parts books, handbooks, and other technical information for all models, which is available free of charge to all members. If required, publications can be reproduced for a nominal charge.

Danny O’Malley and his wife Sharon are the Christchurch Librarians and can be contacted on 03 32 444 21 or Sharon by phone or text on 021 498 162.

A good selection of special service tools is also available for members to borrow. Contact either of the Spare Parts Sheds for more information.

For Sale

Spare Parts Service

We promote and encourage the efficient maintenance of members’ vehicles, and provide technical assistance. The Christchurch and Manawatu branches each hold stock of used spare parts, and these are available to financial members only to assist owners to restore and maintain Wolseley vehicles.

In addition to used parts, the Christchurch branch stocks a huge selection of new parts and fast-moving lines (gaskets, electrical, engine, and suspension parts), which are available to all club members at very competitive prices. Most new parts now held by the club are listed as being no longer available at regular spare parts outlets throughout the country.

Stocks are increasing yearly, and the club is continually expanding its available spares to cater for a wider range of models. If an item is not held in stock, the club will certainly endeavour to locate it. Overseas sources are often investigated, and some limited lines and reproduction parts are being re-manufactured for the club.


Members are able to advertise cars and parts for sale 


Danny O’Malley and his wife Sharon of Christchurch managed the Regalia sales and can be contacted on 03 32 444 21 or Sharon by phone or text on 021 498 162.

Assistance and Fellowship

One of the most important aspects of the club is to provide a medium for enthusiasts with a common interest in Wolseley motor vehicles to meet each other, and share tips and useful information about the maintenance and repair of their cars. This is made possible through all of the above services.

Our members have some idea of what Wolseleys are still about in the country. If you are interested in possibly purchasing a Wolseley either in mint condition or as a small, medium or total restoration project, talking to our members should be part of your research and becoming a member will definitely enhance your project experience.

You are invited to join the Wolseley Car Club of New Zealand (Inc). Whether you own a Wolseley or not, our aim is to assist you to obtain the maximum possible enjoyment from being interested in the Wolseley marque, or owning, maintaining and driving your Wolseley.

Want to be a NZ wolseley member?

Take a look throughout our website, and keep up to date with our cars, meetups and events throughout New Zealand.

Last Updated June, 2020