North Island Branch Christmas lunch

Held in the Horowhenua area.

The northern group held a separate Xmas lunch in the Waikato area.

On a very sunny Saturday afternoon 17 members gathered at Murrayfield café. Which is situated just south of Shannon. This is a very nice venue for car people to gather with a large car park with trees on the west side that offers shelter from the sun for the cars.

The Café itself is like a large barn with a very high roof. This means when it is busy the noise level is very low, and you can hear what is being said. We had a fixed menu of Chicken, fish, vegetables, and a choice of salads. You of course could have wine or beer with your meal. To finish we had the most delicious berry dessert with ice cream and cream finishing with coffee and tea.

This meal would normally cost $31 but our branch subsidises certain events and this is one of them. So, it cost our members only $16.

After lunch, we drove to the property of our friends Basil and Bev. Basil has a very nice vehicle collection from a 1924 Essex to a very new American muscle car that originally belonged to someone in the American film industry.

He also has very rare Honda sports. His collection also includes a few veteran motorbikes and a second world war bike. These bikes have been restored to the highest standard.

Next door his wife has a room with her embroidering machine which she demonstrated to our wives and partners.

This finished off a very nice day out with our Wolseley cars and friends.



Last Updated November, 2021