Nathan Davie’s Workshop

1939 12/48 Series 3

April 2020

I have a 1939 12/48 Series 3. My Father has been giving me a hand on it. He fitted the doors for alignment. The doors still need painting along with the bonnet. The white colour will go from the top of the door mouldings down following into the bonnet.

A brief on what we have done so far. All the rust has been removed. We have replaced all the light bulbs to LED apart from the main headlights which are now halogen. The rear boot section and the floor has been rebuilt with new Australian hardwood Ply. New Rubber seals to the windows. Complete wiring harness has been replaced with new wire. A totally rebuilt radiator.

On the motor, we replaced gaskets to what we could remove, (the motor runs fine and we didn’t want to strip it down completely), and the carburettor and distributor have been stripped and reconditioned. The Jackall system has been stripped and reconditioned and it holds up overnight without going down.

Last Updated August, 2020