Ashurst Parts Shed Working Bees

Saturday March 19th & Saturday May 7th

We have been making good progress on the Parts Shed re-organisation and rationalization. We have had a large group helping. Tony and Vicky Ohlson,( Glynn, Tony’s brother-in-law) Kevin and Annette McKnight, Lance Fitness, Ivan McCutcheon, Rod Baxter, and Michael Kruse at Ashurst.

There was a massive clean-up of the kitchen area and even had the vacuum cleaner out and also swept all the concrete floor. This was followed by removing excess engines and scrap steel to the large scrap bin. 2,200 kg was sold to the scrap yard.

We made room for the 1500 that was to arrive from Porirua. I kept busy tagging and recording the engines we kept. Rod got up into the roof space and has used expanding foam to try and birdproof the building.

We managed to get the handrail fitted this has been an issue since we moved into the shed and now it is good to get this behind us. Later at home, I set up a spreadsheet and started a computer list of what stock we have at Ashurst.

Meanwhile, at Porirua, Graham and Mark Bennett, Hugh Mackenzie, Mike Driscoll, Fraser Buchanan, and Winton Cleal were sorting out the 6/90s and the 1500. The engine was removed from the 6/90 and loaded onto one trailer while the 1500 was loaded onto another trailer.

Then Hugh and Winton headed off to the Ashurst Parts Shed. The 1500 and the Engine were unloaded into the Parts Shed. Two very progressive and satisfying Working Bees.

Thank You
Michael Kruse

Handrail has been installed by Glynn and Lance Fitness-Wolseley Car Club NZ

Spare Parts-Wolseley Car Club NZ

Rod Baxter blocking up the bird access with expanding foam-Wolseley Car Club NZ

Bird access blocked-Wolseley Car Club NZ

Loaded up in Auckland at Adele Burnnands place-Wolseley Car Club NZ

Arriving at the Ashurst Parts Shed-Wolseley Car Club NZ

Hugh Mackenzie at Porirua sawing off the front of the 6/90-Wolseley Car Club NZ

Last Updated May, 2022